A new beginning

Chapter I


Chapter I –


Lord Padraige – Leader of Winterhaven, once thought of as a friend and ally, he offered 500gps for Krand and his mercenaries to taken care off. Though with the passing of each week Padraige's actions have caused suspision and doubt in his abilities as a leader and his intentions.

Sister Linora – High Priestess of Avandra (Godess of Luck & Change), acts as advisor and ambassador for Padraige and Winterhaven, although Padriage's recent aloof behaviour has pushed Sister Linora out of his circle of confidement.

Valfrune the Prescient – Sage and ally, was interest to find out the secrets of Thunderspire, upon hearing what we had to tell him he gave us 420gps

Bairwin – This ex-adventurer trades adventuring gear and the occasional magic item.


Balance of Power – Lord Padraige has become distant ever since he travelled west and return with new advisors. His elusive behaviour has drawn suspsion from the party and his closed friends. His new advisors seem to be intentionally keeping a low profile, only one of the 4-5 has been seen. Who is the half orc advisor that is whispering in the ears of the troubled Lord.




Lord Markal – Ruler of Fallcrest

Nimozaran the Green – Resides in the Septach Tower with his young apprentice Tobrolane. He has proved very helpful in offering knowledge and understanding. In return we have given him several rare pieces of a young white dragon (Bones, Eyes, Heart and Brain)


Orcus – There is a subtle trace of Orcus in Fallcrest, maybe a cult has gained some sway within the town.



Shadowfell Keep

Sir Keegan – Long lost Sir Keegan was rumoured to had gone mad, upon meeting him within shadowfell keep and sanctifing his resting place, he rewarded us with his powerful sword, only to be lost forever by??


Evil Lurks – The party has had to twice visit this place to defeat the evil that seems to be lured to this place. Perhaps there is more to the portal in the catacombs that meets the eye.



Thunderspire (Seven Pillared Halls) (Teleport Circle)

Vadriach - Sage who needed our help. Cursed by Torog the Undergod, the king that crawls (Unspeakable name) so that he could not speak.

Chamber of Eyes – Deep within the labrynth lies the chamber.

Ulthan- A gem, metal arms and armour merchant lost his beloved pet boar. He was most greatful when we retreaved it. His reward was a sizeable gem worth 100gps.

Gendar the Drow – Owns a trading house, specilizing in the curious andrelics. He was keen to offer 420gps when we gave him a closed cask, given to us by?? He then gave us some Drow stones which were to be returned to Bairwin the merchant at Winterhaven, we earned 420gps for our trouble. He was also very interested to hear that we were not ordinary travellers and could help him to recover a silver tipped septre lost in the duergar's horned hold by Clan Grimerzhul. Gendar also lives a secret life, using an alias which only Pip knows.

Clan Gimmerzhul – The most renown members are Kedhara & Theorge

Sturnaf – Dwarven trader

Brugg – Ogre enforcer of Thunderspire, reports to the Mage's of Saruun.

Orontar, Mage of Saruun – Wanted us to stop Paldemar, once a mage of Saruun himself.

Rothar – Half Orc and barkeeper.

Rendle - A halfling who's family own the half moon inn.

Serina – Female Dragonborn harbering a desire to kill all of the Drow and Durgar. Either very powerful or very foolish.

Demi Gorgon – Said to be more powerful than Yee Noghu and Baffemet the Horned King Prince of beasts. 


The Underdark Awaits – Thunderspire is only the tip of the iceburg, what lies benith this safehaven is still to be explored.



Pyramid of Shadows

Crazy Wizard – Claimed he was summonded by Karavarkos and spouted "The power is mine". He is now believed to have been a tool of Karavarkos used to lure us to the temple.

Karavarkos – Teifling wizard, questing to be freed from his eternal prison. He had uncovered many secrets learning knowledge and gaining more powerful yet more mad with every year that passed.

Bursk – Human stable owner, believed to be untrustworthy by the freed slaves. We

Garresh Vren – Dragonborn mercenary.

Cam'Nor – Leader of the Aborreans

Sharguin – Race of vicous shark people who worship Milora (Godess of Nature), and Secola (Demonic Shark)

Undead Army – Noticed as we had activited the pyramid, which world is this army??


Hidden Treasures – Several party members gave their souls to the pyramid, the remain inside, laying with their treasures, sleeping with the very large fish's



Battle at Fang Pass

Assir Kepesk "White Storm" in Draconic – Resides in Hailstorm Tower, perhaps Assir is a Dragon of Great reknown.

Encountered an army of kobolds, stronger than any we had met before? Once the mists of battle had cleared we found 30 white dragon scales, several dragon organs and a letter with a map?


Other Importance

Phalledra (Godess of Lore)

Rend Warcaster – Dead

Azmodius (Durgar Deity)

Mercal Gimmerzool – buying slaves in Riverdown for 100gps each

Tibias – A wizard of mystery. Tall with white hair, he is still an emigma to our group.

Amos Kamroth – Land owner

Hareel Vaar – Worked for Paldemar?

Nimran – Elf spy.

Krand – Leader of the Blood Reavers (Dead)

Kalarel – Evil Cleric (Dead)

Maldrick, Scar maker Cheiftan of the Black fangs – This once feared worshipper of Yee Noghu?.

Yee Noghu – God? Demon? Mortal?



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