A new beginning

Chapter II

Chapter II

Region of Sembia

Upon escaping the Pyramid of Shadows we have found ourselves in a strange new land. Established by the locals that the date is the 20th Day of Kithorn (late spring)


Region of Netheryll

The memory of its brutal genocide of the native dwarves is suppressed. This region is rumoured to control Sembia, and is very influetial. Cormyr is said to have been unhappy with Netheryll and may begin what could be a long war very soon. Many inhabitants are human, with the mightiest of Netherils defenders are shades. They are dangerous and extremely capable agents of the empire.


Region of Cormyr

The powerful region of Cormyr is strengthened by its Army. They live only to serve the Crown of Cormyr. The Purple Dragon Kights and War Wizards of Cormyr are reknown throughout this land.


Village of Archenbridge

12 simple building centred around a temple devoted to Shar, there is an inn called Friendly Rogue Inn and a notice asking for ‘hired help' The people of note are Toran, Garg and the high priest of Shar. After making enquies about the ‘hired help' the party undertook a courier task to deliver a leather scroll case to Kelana Derran a Half Elf in Moonstair for this our fee is 50gps upfront and a further 200gps upon completion.


City of Dearluun

Surrounded by a 500' Black obsidion wall, this place is ruled by the demon race Shadowki reside here, human slaves are common within this strange place, although many other races including humans have settled here. Although is is situated in the heart of Sembia, this place is an independent state and not governed by Sembia.

24th Kithorn – Entered the vast city after finding out about the Royal Charter, a decree that allows the possesion of magic items and use of magic in certain regions. We purchased a local version for 100gps, and was told that a global one signed by the King of Cormyrr could be bought for 1000gps but not from Dearluun.

Anyone found to break the Charter would be banished to the prison city of Weluun by the War Wizards of Cormyrr and the Purple Dragons (Cormyrrian Royal Guards)

The was a celebration, the festival of Shanteer (the Great Mother) her symbol is a rose with a gem as the rose bud.

We finally found lodging at the Plummed Unicorn Inn a magnificant inn with 20 twin rooms.

25th Kithorn – Spend the day exploring the city and trading our spoils of adventure

26th Kithorn – We had traded the Spear of Uruk the Brave the previous day, but found out that it may have fallen into the hands of a Dracolich, a supposed offering to forge an alliance, by who we are not sure. Have we changed the balance of power? We then decided to leave the Dracolich and travel to Moonstairs to fulfil our previous undertaking to deliver the leather scroll case to Kelana.

27th Kithorn – As we neared Moonstair we came across a band of trolls being ordered by an Oni. The were savagely tearing a caravan to pieces, accepting that the people of the caravan were already dead we slowly sneaked into postion so that we could strike. Varak & Leshanna bravely spang out from cover to assult the trolls at range, while the others remained in hiding, The trolls didn't hesistate and as expected rushed towards Varak & Leshanna. We were co-ordinated as a group and most worked to support each other as we could not afford to underestimate our enemy. We slain all of the 6 trolls and defeated to Oni who managed to escape, what we didn't realize was that there was 2 oni – one has remained invisible the whole time and did nothing to interviene in the deaths of the trolls. We did recover a letter from one of the trolls adressed to Baron Perenon of Arbel. 

Balance of Power – A Powerful Dracolich (the Sibilant Shade) now has the Great Spear of Uruk the Brave, who would pay us so much? And what plans do they have?

We know of a Dracolich named Aurgloroasa, who's lair is in the abandoned city of Thunderholme, which lies within the Thunder Peaks – Surely this must be the same Dracolich?


Town of Moonstair

The town of moonstair is a peaceful coastal town set rules by Major Kelana Derran. Kelana is a tall half elf with brown hair, she would be described by most as a non warrior type. The town has a few hundred population although that number is sadly decreasing by the day as the town has been made a target by the Troll King Skalmad. He sends raiding parties of upto a dozen foul creatures including Trolls, Oni, Manticore & Chimera to inflict as much pain and suffering on the good people as possible. The town is now almost defenceless with around 50 of the brave local men taking arms in a poorly organised and trained militia. The town has 2 walls and a very well kept keep which could soon be the last defence of the town.

27th Kithorn – We arrived in Moonstair, and delivered our package to Kelana. The major had another proposition for us, after a brief discussion we agreeing to defend Moonstair for 100 gps a day. Before we had time to consider the best way to defend the town, Skalmads first wave of hideous creatures acended upon the townsfolk, we acted quickly to bolster the ranks of the doomed militia. In total there was an Oni, 3 trolls, a manticore and a white Dragon Chimera. We battled long and hard until victory was ours. Thankfully none of the party were killed… this time.

Shortly after this battle we discovered that Skalmad was very serious in hos aim to bring about the destruction of the town, as 2 bullette's arrived and began to tunnel under the walls. We once again took arms and waded into to battle. We once again were victorious.

We then decided that the stem of evil creatures must be stopped and set off without taking any time to prepare to meet Skalmad in his own domain,

Hero's of Moonstair Mayor Kelana has offered 100gps per day to firstly stave of the troll attacks and then take the fight to Skalmad himeself. We are to be looked after while in Moonstair with food and lodging.

Moon Door – The moon door is said to be a portal to the Feywild, how does it work? Perhaps it leads to the city of Therund? A necklace was recovered from the Pyramid of Shadows engraved "To the king and people of Therund, Cel Dylon" We also have another necklace engraves "To Kianan from Rualiss"

Brax - One of the survivors of Etterands warband of 12 strong, this huge dragonborn was able to tell us some information. He mentioned the "Great Warren" south of Bruvak (a ruins in the swamp. That he met trolls, ogre and hydra on the way in, and finally that he had overheard a conversation about a stone cauldron. Varak has read an obscure book once about this subject and knew that it was Formorian in creation, protected by arcane defences and offers power over life and death.

Drow Outpost of Phaervorul – Both bullette's were wearing the mark of a Drow house. This binds the creature to the service of the Drow, We know from our Drow companion that the ruler of this outpost is Lolths chosen, Matron Urlvrain.

The Stone Cauldron – Where is it? Are the rumours true?


Vast Swamp

Encountered a band of 4 trolls, what stood out to me was the Vine Speaker Troll usually part of a much larger settlement of trolls. Why was it sent here from the vast swamp?

27th Kithorn – We began our journey to the vast swamp, we estimated that it is 35-40 miles of trecherous swamp.

28th Kithorn – During our travels we noticed an Ogre/Troll raiding party about a dozen strong and encountered a large crocodile, but worse were still to come… A Hydra!!

29th Kithorn to 3rd Flamerule – We pushed onwards, deeper into the swamp using Varaks ritual to summon floating disks and speed our advance upon the unexpecting Skalmad.

Resurrection of the Kingdom of VardarRumours are rife that the Troll King Skalmad, has grand plans to resurrect the fallen kingdom of Vardar. For this to happen the Troll King has set his sights on the destruction of Moonstair, as he believes this town to be within his kingdom.  


City of Sakkors

A magnificent floating city situated to the east, outsiders are not welcome. There is another floating city called Shade.


City of Weluun

The prison city of Weluun, holds the most depraved of criminals.


City of Arabel

Baron Perenon rules this major city of Cormyr, we discovered a letter from a defeated band of trolls that was addressed to the Baron and contained unfotunate news. The letter told of the death of his son – Etheran in the trollhaunt region at the hands of Troll King Skalmad. Etheran was wielding a Cormyrian artifact called Sunwrath. This sword is very important to Cormyr, I'm sure the Baron would be keen to recover it.

The lost sword of Sunwrath – This ancestral sword holds significant importance to the people of Cormyr.


Region of Sembia






Ordulin Maelstrom




Vast swamp




Region of Netheryll


Region of Cormyr


Tilverton Scar





Vast Swamp


Farsea Swamp



Well of Dragons





High Imaskar

Uziu Malaskia – Emperor and leader of Imaskar, realm of articifers.

The shield to the underdark cracked by the so called doomsday weapon

Ian Quallon

Deep Imaskar – A dark place, rumoured to be allied with High Imaskar and said to take care of the business that High Imaskar does not wish to be associated with. Temranthar – Dragonborn Realm



Info Cards

Wheloon – Prison City

Shadow Caravans

War Wizards of Cormyr

Purple Dragons of Cormyr

Church of Shar x2

Thunder Peaks

Chapter I


Chapter I –


Lord Padraige – Leader of Winterhaven, once thought of as a friend and ally, he offered 500gps for Krand and his mercenaries to taken care off. Though with the passing of each week Padraige's actions have caused suspision and doubt in his abilities as a leader and his intentions.

Sister Linora – High Priestess of Avandra (Godess of Luck & Change), acts as advisor and ambassador for Padraige and Winterhaven, although Padriage's recent aloof behaviour has pushed Sister Linora out of his circle of confidement.

Valfrune the Prescient – Sage and ally, was interest to find out the secrets of Thunderspire, upon hearing what we had to tell him he gave us 420gps

Bairwin – This ex-adventurer trades adventuring gear and the occasional magic item.


Balance of Power – Lord Padraige has become distant ever since he travelled west and return with new advisors. His elusive behaviour has drawn suspsion from the party and his closed friends. His new advisors seem to be intentionally keeping a low profile, only one of the 4-5 has been seen. Who is the half orc advisor that is whispering in the ears of the troubled Lord.




Lord Markal – Ruler of Fallcrest

Nimozaran the Green – Resides in the Septach Tower with his young apprentice Tobrolane. He has proved very helpful in offering knowledge and understanding. In return we have given him several rare pieces of a young white dragon (Bones, Eyes, Heart and Brain)


Orcus – There is a subtle trace of Orcus in Fallcrest, maybe a cult has gained some sway within the town.



Shadowfell Keep

Sir Keegan – Long lost Sir Keegan was rumoured to had gone mad, upon meeting him within shadowfell keep and sanctifing his resting place, he rewarded us with his powerful sword, only to be lost forever by??


Evil Lurks – The party has had to twice visit this place to defeat the evil that seems to be lured to this place. Perhaps there is more to the portal in the catacombs that meets the eye.



Thunderspire (Seven Pillared Halls) (Teleport Circle)

Vadriach - Sage who needed our help. Cursed by Torog the Undergod, the king that crawls (Unspeakable name) so that he could not speak.

Chamber of Eyes – Deep within the labrynth lies the chamber.

Ulthan- A gem, metal arms and armour merchant lost his beloved pet boar. He was most greatful when we retreaved it. His reward was a sizeable gem worth 100gps.

Gendar the Drow – Owns a trading house, specilizing in the curious andrelics. He was keen to offer 420gps when we gave him a closed cask, given to us by?? He then gave us some Drow stones which were to be returned to Bairwin the merchant at Winterhaven, we earned 420gps for our trouble. He was also very interested to hear that we were not ordinary travellers and could help him to recover a silver tipped septre lost in the duergar's horned hold by Clan Grimerzhul. Gendar also lives a secret life, using an alias which only Pip knows.

Clan Gimmerzhul – The most renown members are Kedhara & Theorge

Sturnaf – Dwarven trader

Brugg – Ogre enforcer of Thunderspire, reports to the Mage's of Saruun.

Orontar, Mage of Saruun – Wanted us to stop Paldemar, once a mage of Saruun himself.

Rothar – Half Orc and barkeeper.

Rendle - A halfling who's family own the half moon inn.

Serina – Female Dragonborn harbering a desire to kill all of the Drow and Durgar. Either very powerful or very foolish.

Demi Gorgon – Said to be more powerful than Yee Noghu and Baffemet the Horned King Prince of beasts. 


The Underdark Awaits – Thunderspire is only the tip of the iceburg, what lies benith this safehaven is still to be explored.



Pyramid of Shadows

Crazy Wizard – Claimed he was summonded by Karavarkos and spouted "The power is mine". He is now believed to have been a tool of Karavarkos used to lure us to the temple.

Karavarkos – Teifling wizard, questing to be freed from his eternal prison. He had uncovered many secrets learning knowledge and gaining more powerful yet more mad with every year that passed.

Bursk – Human stable owner, believed to be untrustworthy by the freed slaves. We

Garresh Vren – Dragonborn mercenary.

Cam'Nor – Leader of the Aborreans

Sharguin – Race of vicous shark people who worship Milora (Godess of Nature), and Secola (Demonic Shark)

Undead Army – Noticed as we had activited the pyramid, which world is this army??


Hidden Treasures – Several party members gave their souls to the pyramid, the remain inside, laying with their treasures, sleeping with the very large fish's



Battle at Fang Pass

Assir Kepesk "White Storm" in Draconic – Resides in Hailstorm Tower, perhaps Assir is a Dragon of Great reknown.

Encountered an army of kobolds, stronger than any we had met before? Once the mists of battle had cleared we found 30 white dragon scales, several dragon organs and a letter with a map?


Other Importance

Phalledra (Godess of Lore)

Rend Warcaster – Dead

Azmodius (Durgar Deity)

Mercal Gimmerzool – buying slaves in Riverdown for 100gps each

Tibias – A wizard of mystery. Tall with white hair, he is still an emigma to our group.

Amos Kamroth – Land owner

Hareel Vaar – Worked for Paldemar?

Nimran – Elf spy.

Krand – Leader of the Blood Reavers (Dead)

Kalarel – Evil Cleric (Dead)

Maldrick, Scar maker Cheiftan of the Black fangs – This once feared worshipper of Yee Noghu?.

Yee Noghu – God? Demon? Mortal?


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